When sobriety just isn’t an option… coming to terms with being Drunk in Love.

Beyonce-Drunk-In-LoveAddiction is never a nice or healthy thing, in this case, it’s bittersweet. It has been somewhat more than 2 months since Beyoncè surprised the whole world by unexpectedly dropping her self titled (and BEST) album yet. One would think after copious amounts of listening (we mean not listening to a single other song for weeks on end), that they would be sick of it by this point, ready to move onto something else more new and exciting, a musical sea change. However for some unknown reason, I fail to let go and continue to be stuck in this somewhat music rut, it never seems to feel old.

Yes, after a few months, I am unfortunately still drunk in love… oh and not only with the incredible song drunk in love itself, but with the whole darn album. Almost every song, and every video, which I forgot to mention is visually and artistically out of this world (but thats a whole other rant). My addiction was deepening, growing more intense, I’d watch each video at least once a day, make it my sole priority to learn the lyrics to the best of my ability along with the dance moves (who am I kidding, I ain’t no Yonce), and then like a fresh supply of dope, handed to a junkie, came the Grammy Awards. Yes, possibly one of the sexiest, and most memorable (outstanding) performances ever. It was at this point that I took what they say is the first step to recovery is, admitting you have a problem. And yes, I do, I am a Beyoncè addict, I am using like never before, I am rolling around on the floor and rubbing unspeakable body parts, as I dance to drunk in love, yes I have found myself sexy dancing for my imaginary man, to the seductive lyrics of partition. Oh and did I mention I’ve practiced my Yoncè attitude facial expressions in the mirror numerous times also, and that the terms #Flawless and #Surfboard have become part of my day to day vocabulary. Yes, you know it I have hit rock bottom. However before you judge, if you’re late to get onboard the Beyoncè (album) express train, then I suggest you do. I suggest you listen to every blissful tune, immerse yourself in the videos, and then you must , absolutely , and I mean must, feast your eyes and ears on the sexual spectacular that is the Grammy performance (which is also amazing due to Mr Carter guest performing). It is only once you have, that you may judge (and trust me you won’t, because you too will be using).
Anyway, I believe that’s enough ranting from me, I’ll allow you to experience the true high of this (Beyoncè) express train ride yourself.

But to be fair, never say you weren’t warned…

C xx

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