Jawbreaker. A favourite stylish & bitchy movie.

15 years on. Still as cool, stylish & bitchy as ever.

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Memorable Quotes:

1.Courtney Shayne: What a fucking tearjerker. Look, Marce, its like Terms of Endearment Part III, only this time the boyfriends gay.”

2. “Courtney Shayne: I killled Liz. I killed the teen dream. Deal with it.”

3. “Courtney Shayne: First we are gonna stuff her pretty face with pancakes,then tie her to the flagpole in her bra and panties and watch the humiliation begin.

Marcie Fox: She is gonna die (laughs).”

4. “Courtney Shayne: I made you and I can break you just as easily.

Fern Mayo/Vylette: Good idea kill me like you did Liz.”

5. “Marcie Fox: Do you smell something?

Julie Freeman: Hi Fern.

Courtney Shayne: I don’t know a Fern.

Fern Mayo/Vylette: My names Vylette.

Julie Freeman: What?

Fern Mayo/Vylette: My names Vylette .

Courtney Shayne: Learn it..

Marcie Fox: Live it..

Marcie Fox: Love it.

Courtney Shayne: Love it.”

6. “Miss Sherman: Do you know a senior named Elizabeth Purr?

Fern Mayo/Vylette: You mean the ‘meow’?

Miss Sherman: Excuse me?

Fern Mayo/Vylette: Liz is the cat’s meow.

Miss Sherman: …I am sure she is.”

7. “Courtney Shayne: You like it?

Dane Sanders: It’s okay.

Courtney Shayne: There’s nothing kinky about ‘okay’ now is there?”

8. “Courtney Shayne: Life’s a bitch, then you die.

Julie Freeman: No Honey your the bitch.

Courtney Shayne: Oh so aggressive Julie its kinda turning me on.”

9. “Courtney Shayne: I am Courtney Shane I don’t believe we have met what with the cruel politics of high school and all.”

10. “Liz Purr: What are you doing to me?”

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